About me

I'm Mark!

I am an expert in establishing innovation ecosystems and transformations of cultures and organizations, experienced entrepreneur, lecturer, mentor, business advisor, project manager, and expert in establishing high-performance virtual teams, with a very rich education and professional background. Efficient, enthusiastic, highly motivated, reliable, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate the newest and latest technologies, skills, concepts, and ideas. Proven relationship-builder with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Always striving to find the most efficient way of operating. The diverse background and foreign cultural understanding; worked in different countries.

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My Skills / My traits / My know-hows

During my career, I have worked in various roles and industries, learned from amazing people, and have discovered new dimensions of leadership, new talents and a recipe for success.


I was lucky to have been a part of several startups like Estable, FitBeat, Eunex, EUBCHUB, Webot, Beyond Leadership and others. Scaling and innovation management are my forte.​

Project manager

I worked on bigger projects like transforming the culture of the company BTC, the first Bitcoin City, Smart Voice, Eligma, digitizing BTC Logistics, Smart City Platfrom.​


I absolutely love working with young minds. Currently I am a part of AmCham First Mentor Program, where I mentor 2 students, as well as I am a mentor to 3 startups. ​


I often help as a guest lecturer at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, where I work with prof. dr. Judita Peterlin, prof. dr. Sandra Penger, prof. dr. Aleša Saša Sitar.

Innovator/ Trend setter​

I am the founder of FitBeat and Beyond Leadership, as well as I focused on establishing innovation ecosystems and transformations of cultures and organizations, and establishing high-performance virtual teams.

Public speaker

In the past 3 years, I have spoken at more than 40 different events like Days of Slovenian Tourism, AmCham Slovenia, BSCC, TIA Summit, STARTUP3, RTV SLO 1, Youth Center Brežice, Ljubljana Forum, Hong Kong and Tokio's Blockshain Summit.