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ChatGPT has 10 million active users already

ChatGPT has exceeded 10 million users in just 40 days. The previous record was held by Instagram, where it took 355 days to reach 10 million users.#AI #users #technology


Last Week’s Biggest Funding Rounds

1. OpenAI, $10B, artificial intelligence: The deal had been rumored for weeks but was finally made official. Microsoft confirmed it has agreed to a “multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment” into OpenAI, the


Top 10 Investments in 2022

According to Crunchbase here are the top 10 investments in 2022: 1. Epic Games, $2B, gaming: The metaverse is going to be epic — at


The world’s most valuable brands

Top 10 brands:Amazon is still in the lead with a brand value of $683.85 billion, Apple is second with $612 billion, then Google with $458 billion, Microsoft with $410.27 billion, then Tencent


The biggest global companies by country!

According to Fortune, for an eighth straight year, the list begins with Walmart at No. 1, after the retailer racked up $559 billion in revenue. Global 500 is to identify


Starting A Business!

Where would you want to start your new business idea? According to The World Bank, the cheapest countries for a new startup are Venezuela, Rwanda, and Slovenia. While


Hybrid work and skills

Hybrid work has accelerated the need to get the best talents possible and to invest in them. New skills are becoming a priority. In the


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