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If you want to stay on top and constantly outperform competition, be innovative, build a culture of teamwork and productivity, then improving your leaders, talents within the company is vital.

Today, most of the top companies understand the importance of investing into their leaders. Leadership programs are a great way to connect, become more cohesive, improve communication and goal setting, and overall equip leaders with set of skill that will make them a force of power and knowledge. 

Constant Improvement = Greatness & Success

An Leadership incubator is a great way to prepare your leadership and top talents to the fast-paced digital world. We focus on all major aspects of leadership, such as delegating and leading, communication, negotiation, increasing productivity, planning, organization, business development and much more.

How Can I Help?

I have managed and trained various teams, domestic and international, in person and virtual. There is always room for improvements. With specially tailored and designed programs for your organization, for your team, we can make a huge impact and improve specific segment or overall interpersonal and leadership skills, and create an environment that fosters trust, teamwork, higher productivity, innovation and success.


The first step is to prepare an analysis of your leaderships structure and current processes. Here is, where we look at your middle and upper management, your talents, and focus on the challenges and improvements we want to achieve. This analysis is  our road-map, as well as a detailed plan on how to proceed. 

In the analysis, we:

  • Define key areas of improvements (communication, leadership, meetings, teamwork, project management,…),
  • Assess each individual with a leadership position, as well as talents defined by the Upper management,
  • Set common goals, strategy and vision,
  • Prepare workshops, materials and road-map.

Once we have a detailed plan of action, which is based on a tailor made solution for your organization, we start with the program.

I together with a team of experts:

  • Prepare materials and run various content specific workshops,
  • Provide support,
  • Focus on improving interpersonal and leadership skills,
  • Eliminate challenges that your organization faces,
  • Work on improving communication and workflow,
  • Focus on teamwork, as well as individual’s leadership skills,
  • Establish clear KPIs that you can measure and follow. 

When we successfully complete the program, we prepare an analysis of current state, and lessons learned report, together with clear guidelines and KPIs.

What people say

Robi Pritržnik
Robi PritržnikFounder and Chief Troublemaker Foreach Labs
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"I've been working with Mark since 2017, and while working together, he has proven himself as a great leader and a team player. He has a wide knowledge of leadership, project management, and many organizational skills. Mark is always up for challenges and tends to find a way to face them with his skills and experience. "
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