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I love to work with startups. I mentor, guide, and advise startup teams on their journey from initial idea and team formation, towards an MVP, and a successful product and sales. I have worked with many startups in Slovenia, as well as internationally (Malaysia, China, Sweden, Dubai). 

Success formula= Great strategy + Product market fit + Speed to market 

Business development, marketing and finding the right investment partner, are crucial in today’s fast-pace world. Having a strong partner, mentor can be a huge step forward.

How Can I Help?

You get my experience, network, knowledge and full support. I love to be involved as much as possible. I become a part of the company. Furthermore, I help with product development and scaling, preparing business plan and strategy, help with pitch deck, and help with potential investors. 


I have worked with startups quite some time and the first thing is always meeting the team. The team is the sole of the company. Teams are usually the ones that can make or break a project. The second thing is, we look at the idea and the presentation or pitch deck. This is the most looked at document, when it comes to funding. Then we prepare a plan of action.


It is always good to know your competition, your market, business strategy, potential obstacles.

I help you prepare:

  • business plan and strategy,
  • value preposition,
  • cost structure,
  • revenue streams,
  • customer segments
  • and much more.
Constant transformation:

It is very important to constantly get feedback from the market, as well as test new ideas with it. I make sure we optimize your business, and prepare your company for a fast growth.

What people say

Rok Lenardič
Rok LenardičCTO Estable AB
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Mark has been an enabler for Estable and has ensured that there have been no impediments for the team to deliver the best results. His goal-oriented attitude has been essential to setting ambitious and measurable targets that shall take Estable to the next level. He is a pleasure to work with as his door is always open and he's a man of his word.
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