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A successful organization today understands the value of constant improvement and innovation. Only by being proactive and following these two important steps, will organizations thrive in today’s competitive marketplace and achieve long-term business success.

Improvement Is evolutionary, Innovation Is revolutionary.

An Innovation incubator is a great way to prepare your innovation strategy and transform your organization into an engine of innovation, where employees love sharing ideas. We focus on all major processes, where we analyze existing ones, and accelerate digitization. This helps prepare a through innovation strategy, which serves as a plan on how to gradually transform your culture, organization and create new business models. Many organizations have now also started implementing Innovation offices or internal incubators of innovation, which is one of the steps, necessary for constant improvement and growth.

How Can I Help?

I have 10+ years of experience in innovation and digitization of various processes and business models. I work with the team of experts, where we make an extensive analysis of your business, determining what can be improved, as well as your wish list, and then prepare a road-map of how to implement it and make it a reality.


The first step is to prepare a business analysis, a detailed overview and analysis of existing processes. This analysis is usually our roadmap, as well as a detailed plan on how to proceed. Business process optimization is the practice of increasing organizational efficiency by improving processes. In order to transform and thrive, organizations need to adapt their internal structure and operating model.

In the analysis, we:

  • Thoroughly make a detailed overview of all the the existing processes,
  • We prepare a wish list of the improvements,
  • Set digital protocols,
  • Define levels of users.

We create a tailor made solution for your organization.

I together with a team of experts:

  • Incorporate new technologies,
  • Provide support,
  • Reduce potential bottlenecks,
  • Eliminate redundancies,
  • Improve communication and workflow,
  • Forecast changes and new routines.

When we successfully complete the project, we prepare a handover report and lessons learned report, together with clear guidelines.

What people say

M.Sc. Maja Voje
M.Sc. Maja VojeEntrepreneur and international expert for digital marketing
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"Mark Kalin is one of the most driven business leaders, I have ever met. His visionary approach, great leadership skills, a can do attitude and a strong personal integrity make him one of a kind. Oh, have I mentioned that he rocks innovation and business development too? In short- he makes things happen."
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