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Our business environment as we know it is changing a lot. The arrival of new disruptive technologies has transformed our way of doing business, thinking and understanding. We are in the middle of a digital revolution, where on the one hand we have the growth of globalization, new business models and a growing number of global teams, and on the other hand the growing demand for knowledge and information. 

We live in a new business environment that is growing with high intensity; a job without borders.

Not only has there been a significant increase in the number of organizations expanding their business globally, but there is also the need for access to intellectual capital, and diverse knowledge.

Professional LinkedIn = More opportunity

In this digital era being present online, and having a great LinkedIn profile, is crucial. It is your opportunity to show your skills, your true talent and stand out. 

How Can I Help?

I have more than 12.000 followers on LinkedIn, and my average post has a reach of at least a couple of thousand views. In addition, I get a lot of visibility and offers from job recruiters due to my professional profile. 

Let me help you expand your network, improve your profile, make you stand out, teach you what kind of content to create, how to post, what to post, when to post, teach you how to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and create a professional profile that will become your calling card.


The first step is always to analyze your profile and determine, where you are at and where you want to be. 

In the analysis, we:

  • focus on your key areas,
  • your future ambitions,
  • your connections and network,
  • your description and the story it tells,
  • overall fluency and attractiveness.

In the second phase, we prepare a clear strategy going forward. 

We prepare:

  • A plan for communication,
  • A detailed timeline,
  • Define clear goals,
  • Establish guidelines.

When we successfully complete a tailor made upgrade of your profile, we track and measure progress.

It is always crucial that we test and track your performance and make improvements as we go.

What people say

Andreja Cavnik
Andreja CavnikICF Professional Executive Coach, Fortune 500 Coach
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“If you want to increase your visibility, and build up your profile on Linkedin, Mark really has a lot of great tools up his sleeve to help you do that! He has tremendeous knolwedge and ideas on how to upgrade your profile and make you stand out. Mark is one of those individuals who doesn't just talk the walk but walks the talk. He has a great balance between making tough decisions and telling it straight, but he's also a born networker and a connector, always looking to work with the best talent and always wanting to share his knowledge and support younger generations. Whatever he does, he aims to deliver at the highest level. I'd highly recommend working with Mark on any project you wish to push forward and make happen. Mark is your guy!«
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Do you want to scale your startup, attract potential investors, and prepare a great strategy, and business plan?

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