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Last Week’s Biggest Funding Rounds

1. OpenAI, $10B, artificial intelligence: The deal had been rumored for weeks but was finally made official. Microsoft confirmed it has agreed to a “multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment” into OpenAI, the


VC World

What has been happening with the VC world in 2020, and especially in Q4 2020? According to Crunchbase, the startup world finished 2020 in a


IPOs in 2020

Airbnb, Wish, Affirm, Inc., and Roblox are among the high-flying startups that have filed to go public and will do so in December. There are

Mark Kalin


Hurun Research Institute found 586 unicorns in the world, based in 29 countries and 145 cities. On average, they are 9 years old, with 80%

Mark Kalin


Education is an industry that is about to go through a radical transformation. The education system you experienced as a child will not exist by