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The world’s most valuable brands

Top 10 brands:Amazon is still in the lead with a brand value of $683.85 billion, Apple is second with $612 billion, then Google with $458 billion, Microsoft with $410.27 billion, then Tencent


The biggest global companies by country!

According to Fortune, for an eighth straight year, the list begins with Walmart at No. 1, after the retailer racked up $559 billion in revenue. Global 500 is to identify


Starting A Business!

Where would you want to start your new business idea? According to The World Bank, the cheapest countries for a new startup are Venezuela, Rwanda, and Slovenia. While


Hybrid work and skills

Hybrid work has accelerated the need to get the best talents possible and to invest in them. New skills are becoming a priority. In the


The Top 100 Reputable Brands in the U.S.

Brand Reputation is Vital! The Axios Harris Poll surveyed close to 43,000 Americans to find out which 100 companies emerge as top of mind. The top 3


The evolution from 1G to 5G

1G – The first analog cell phones enter the world. 2G – New features like SMS and voicemail come to mobile handsets. 3G – Higher


Electric cars NOW and BEFORE

The year is 1910 and we can see that the electric car was already here, and was able to do 1,000 miles. Thomas Edison was


Have you heard about the Deep Fake?

AI created pictures, which are becoming a new normality. It is amazing to see how AI can produce images that look like real people. GANs


The Big Tech keeps on Growing

The pandemic has helped big tech become even bigger and dominant in their fields. The FAATMAN stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Alphabet Inc., and