Have you heard about the Deep Fake?


AI created pictures, which are becoming a new normality. It is amazing to see how AI can produce images that look like real people.

GANs are Generative Adversarial Networks are a class of machine learning frameworks and were introduced in 2014 by Google Researcher Ian Goodfellow. GANs have seen and will continue to see huge innovation and advancements. They are mainly used in demonstrating remarkable feats in creating art and ยปfakeยซ images.

Can you guess, which people below are real, and which were created by AI?

Newsflash. They were all created by AI. I love new technological advancements. They simply blow my mind.

According to Forbes, there is however a strong alarm, which has been raised by many experts. How will AI fakery or Deep Fake impact our society.

Source: https://test.neurohive.io/en/news/nvidia-research-proposed-new-style-based-generator-architecture-for-gans/


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