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We have all become very familiar and like to use apps and various digital services. Gen Xers, millennials, and Gen Zers are all comfortable with the digital world and rely on it for learning, shopping, and entertainment. According to McKinsey & Company Gen Zers stand out, which makes sense: they have never known a world without the internet and have grown up with social media. Across Asia-Pacific, almost a third of Gen Zers spend six hours or longer a day on their phones, a considerably higher share than millennials (22 percent) and Gen Xers (10 percent).

The average Gen Zer in Indonesia spends 8.5 hours a day on the phone. In most countries, Gen Zers spend roughly two hours longer a day than Gen Xers and an hour more than millennials on their phones; they also spend more time on social media. That is why 50 to 60 percent of the primary influence in brand decisions for Generation Z comes from social media and online sites.

There is also a huge downside to this. In four of the six countries surveyed, they were more likely than millennials or Gen Xers to say people spend too much time on their phones and to believe that technology gets in the way of social relationships.


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