10 Facts about Startups

  • 1) #Mentored startups grow 3.5x faster and raise 7x more money.
  • 2) Over 70% of startup #founders eventually realize that their intellectual property is not a competitive advantage.
  • 3) Technical co-founders are critical to enterprise-focused startups. Teams with a technical co-founder perform 230% better in enterprise companies since products that serve enterprises require a higher level of technical performance.
  • 4) #Startups founded by non-technical teams outperform technical founders of consumer companies. They perform 31% better.
  • 5) Founders need 2 to 3x longer than they expect to validate a business model. 
  • 6) Most innovations (42%) fail due to a long development time. Selecting the wrong idea to innovate represents 32% of innovation failures.
  • 7) Founders of failed startups have a 20% higher chance to succeed in their next venture.
  • 8) Entrepreneurs are more likely to get a loan request from a small bank.
  • 9) Entrepreneurs raise more money today. The median seed round increased by 300% from $272K to $750K between 2010 and 2016.
  • 10) Companies that presell their products and services, close 40 to 50% more leads and retain 80 to 90% more customers.




Mark Kalin

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