Did you know that 20% of all US dollars were printed in 2020?


This means that every fifth dollar was created in 2020.

The data from the Federal Reserve Board shows that a broad measure of the stock of dollars, known as M2, rose from $15.34 trillion (£11.87 trillion) at the start of the year to $18.72 trillion in September. The increase of $3.38 trillion equates to 18 percent of the total supply of dollars. It means almost one in five dollars was created in 2020.

A narrower measure of money known as the monetary base or M0 – which is physical money and bank reserves at the Fed – rose from $3.44 trillion in January to $4.8 trillion in August, the latest available figures. That is a 28 percent jump.

Fed pumped more than $3 trillion into the US economy.


Mark Kalin

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