The global market of smartphones


Have you ever wondered how does the global market of smartphones look? Who is leading the way?

Today, using your smartphone is normality. We can hardly go without it for several hours, minutes. The average American checks their phone 96 times a day, that means once every 10 minutes.

As we can see Huawei and Samsung Electronics each hold 20% of the global market share, following Apple with 14% and Xiaomi Technology with 10%.

When we look at the operating systems, we see that Android still holds a very strong position with 74.3%, while Ios holds 25.2%. However, it’s important to note that newer Huawei phones won’t operate on Android. When the Chinese tech giant was blacklisted in the U.S., it was no longer able to license Android’s OS. As a result, Huawei launched its own HarmonyOS to fill the gap.



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