World population


The world’s internet population is growing tremendously. As of April 2020, the internet reaches close to 60% of the world’s population, which represents 4.57 billion people. This is a 60% increase from January 2019.

Who are the newcomers:

  • – TikTok is installed 2,704 times in a minute,
  • – Zoom hosts 208,333 participants in per minute,
  • – Microsoft Teams connect 52,083 users per minute,
  • – WhatsApp Inc. users share 41,666,667 messages per minute,
  • – Venmo users send $239,196 worth of payments per minute.

New segments:

  • – Cash Transfers: nearly $240,000 worth of transactions occur on Venmo per minute. This has served as a catalyst for parent company PayPal.
  • – E-Commerce: It’s now estimated that $1 million is now spent per minute online. Amazon ships astounding 6,659 packages every minute to keep up with this demand.
  • – Collaboration Tools: In a new virtual, predominantly remote-working environment, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams host 208,333 and 52,083 users each minute respectively.



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