How will the big five impact the world?


The five tech giants, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft combined for almost $900 billion in revenues in 2019, greater than the GDP of four of the G20 nations. By comparison, Big Techโ€™s earnings would make it the #18 largest country by GDP, ahead of Saudi Arabia and just behind the Netherlands.

The worldโ€™s largest companies are all in technology, and four out of five have grown to trillion-dollar market capitalizations, as seen from the picture. Apple is leading the way with $1.58 trillion.

Company             Revenue (2018) Revenue (2019)

Apple                    $265.6 billion     $260.2 billion    

Amazon               $232.9 billion     $280.5 billion    

Alphabet              $136.8 billion     $161.9 billion    

Microsoft            $110.4 billion     $125.8 billion    

Facebook            $55.8 billion        $70.8 billion       

Combined            $801.5 billion     $899.2 billion    


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