Twitter statistics


Here are some interesting key Twitter statistics and the most used Emojis in May to June:
– 145 million monetizable daily Twitter users reported in Q3 2019
– Peak user numbers reported in Q1 2018, with 336 million MAU
– 31% of Twitter users are 18-24 years old, and 27.3% are 25-34
– In the US, top 10% of tweeters contribute 80% of tweets
65% of these prolific Twitter users are female
– 80% of Twitter usage happens on mobile devices
– Barack Obama is the most-followed person on Twitter, with 110 million followers
– 66% of brands with over 100 employees use Twitter for marketing purposes
– 26% of US users check Twitter several times daily; a further 20% at least once a day
– 12% of Americans use Twitter as a news source
– 39% of US Twitter users have tweeted about politics; rising to 65% of the top-10% most prolific tweeters
– In 2017 it was estimated that 15% of Twitter accounts were bots
– Total 2018 Twitter revenue came to $3 billion
– Twitter profit in Q3 2019 stood at $36.5 million,
– Twitterโ€™s market cap stood at $22.5 billion in November 2019.


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