Who are the most valuable Unicorns?

There are currently 488 unicorns in the world. As of August 2020, these companies are worth a total of $ 1 trillion and $ 524 billion. Below we can see the different unicorns according to geographic location, industry, and total funding value.

According to the CBinsight report:
โ€ข ByteDance leads the valuation at $ 140 billion, making it a hectocorn (a company worth $ 100 billion +). TikTok, its hugely popular, viral video app, has been downloaded more than 2 billion times. ByteDance has a total of more than 20 apps and each is designed for virality.
โ€ข There are quite a few unicorns in the field of health and medicine and in the field of fintech. There are 66 unicorns, supported by various WCs, worth $ 248 billion in fintech, and 46 unicorns in healthcare, worth a total of $ 116.8 billion.
โ€ข As many as three of the 10 most valuable unicorns are located in China. Investment in startups and businesses increased by 20% in China in Q2 2020, compared to 9% in Europe and 3% in North America.


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