US unemployment through the Covid-19 crisis


According to Mckinsey & Company The hardest were hit these categories:

  • Non-agricultural private with close to 12%,
  • Government workers with 10%,
  • self-employed workers with 8%.

As we can see that in the non-agricultural private sector, leisure and hospitality was hit the hardest.

The states that were hit the hardest and had the highest increase since the last month were:

  • Massachusetts with peak rate 17.4%,
  • New Jersey with peak rate 16.6&,
  • New York with peak rate 15.7%,
  • Colorado with peak rate 10.5%,
  • Arizona with peak rate 10%,
  • Connecticut with peak rate 9.8%.

The highest unemployment rate was 14.70% in April of 2020 and has now dropped to 10.2% in July. The number of unemployed persons fell by 1.4 million to 16.3 million.


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